Corporate Training & Coaching

Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm.”
And the warrior whispers back, “I am the storm.”


Executive Mentor Coaching

An integration of dynamic psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics and neuroeconomics with strategic coaching. This proven method helps executives regulate states of mind and apply pressure management tools to deliver:

  • More resilience to stress
  • Peak performance
  • Highest levels of effectiveness

Internal Mentoring Program for Organizations

A proven, effective Mentor Training System designed to maximize business, professional, non-profit and athletic organizations’ greatest assets: HUMAN CAPITAL. Mentor Coach Core Mastery Training will:

  • Incorporate mind and brain sciences to create optimal performance and results
  • Improve engagement and retention
  • Facilitate transition management
  • Enhance leadership development
  • Master conversational, emotional and social intelligence

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Executive & Employee Continuing Education

Customized programs tailored for your organization:

  • Massive Success Strategies: How to Use Influence, Psychology, Persuasion Science & Neuromarketing to Enhance Your Business
  • Successful Navigation of Change & Transition: Mind, Brain & Behavior Strategies
  • Stress Mastery Strategies: The Neuroscience of Performing Under Pressure
  • Your New Money Story®: Roadmap for Money Mastery
  • Roadmap for a New Wellness Story®: 7 Steps to Enhance Health & Longevity

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Specialty Corporate Offerings from David Krueger, MD

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Experience Greater Professional and Organizational Success by Removing Your Hidden Financial Glass Ceiling

Revolutionary changes in our knowledge of the mind and brain sciences help you become significantly more resilient to stress, to achieve and to sustain peak performance.

One challenge to embrace change, both individual and corporate, is that many methods that facilitate change are contrary to how the mind and the brain work.

  • This powerful, synergistic system blends the insights of dynamic psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, and neuroeconomics with strategic coaching to deliver the highest level of effectiveness.
  • Emotional Economics®: The study of the interactions of mind and brain, impacting money behavior and financial decisions can give you the tools and strategies to create your New Money Story®.
  • A proven method to regulate states of mind, apply pressure management tools, and achieve optimum performance

David Krueger, MD works with practicing and performance professionals as well as executives in high-risk, high-reward situations to develop and sustain success strategies.

As a practicing professional—financial or healthcare—you may need to get past your hidden obstacles to write the next expanded chapter in your success story. To understand your own and others’ human dynamics plays a huge role.

As a performance professional—pro athlete or actor—regulation of states of mind and emotional intelligence are central to optimum performance, or successful transition at either end of your career.

Executive presence plays a huge role in optimizing performance in everyday life. Executive Mentor Coaching integrates social and emotional intelligence to develop a leadership process and strategies.

An Executive Mentor Coach and CEO of MentorPath®, Dr. Krueger helps transform lives and professional performance by enhancing financial and emotional well-being. As a Money Psychology Expert and Author of 20 books on money psychology and success development, his inspirational wisdom brings enrichment and enjoyment to the process of changing mind software and rewiring brain hardware for optimum performance.

His latest book, TheSecret Language of Money, is a Business Best Seller, translated into 10 languages.