Mentor Coach Core Mastery Program

The Art & Science of Human Capital Enhancement

by David Krueger, MD

Learn the mind and brain science
of effective change
for individuals and systems.

Create a collaborative alliance
with your team.

Build an Internal Mentor Program.

Training seminars, resource guide,
and follow-up facilitation
will be customized to your group.

The Mentor Coach Core Mastery Program
is accredited by the
International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The Challenge

Outstanding leaders successfully build and manage co-creative relationships with individuals within their organizations. In your efforts to maximize engagement, retain top talent, develop leadership and foster optimum performance, have you encountered these challenges:

  • Why do people resist change—even changing something that doesn’t work?
  • Why is regulating states of mind so crucial to deal with workplace stress?
  • How can leaders learn the art and science of facilitating change and transition?
  • How can conversational, emotional and social intelligence be used to enhance performance?

How will Mentor Coach Core Mastery Training benefit?

  • Master the human technologies to maximize performance and financial results
  • Improve engagement and retention
  • Facilitate transition management
  • Enhance leadership development
  • Develop informed leadership tools and mentors
  • Maximize performance and financial results

Who is ideal for the Mentor Coach Core Mastery Training?

  • Leaders with employee or supervisor responsibilities
  • Professional Managers (Healthcare, Legal, Financial)
  • HR Executives
  • Executive Development Programs
  • Organizational Mentor Programs
  • Managerial Training Programs
  • Professional and college Performance Coaches

What makes Mentor Coach Core Mastery Program work?

Mentor Coach Core Mastery is a proven, effective mentoring training system to help maximize an organization’s greatest assets: human capital. The integration of the mind and brain sciences with strategic coaching and mentoring form the foundation of a comprehensive system provided with live training seminars and curriculum.

While many of the methods to facilitate change are contrary to way the mind and brain work, the Mentor Coaching Core Mastery Program and Resource Guide integrate the mind and brain sciences with strategic performance strategies to build collaborative alliances.