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Corporate Coaching & Training

  • Executive Mentor Coaching
  • Internal Mentoring Programs for Organizations
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Integrate the mind and brain sciences with strategic performance strategies.

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Gain clarity, remove obstacles, and write the next chapter of your personal or business success story.

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Master the art and science of personal and financial empowerment and make changes that last.


This training program draws from peak performance insights and techniques used by athletic coaches. Mentor coaches can easily transfer these concepts from locker room to board room and beyond to help clients achieve and sustain elite performance in their endeavors.

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The NeuroMentor Institute® for Peak Performance
Training Program for Mentor Coaches

The Mind and Brain Science of Performance, Practice, and Optimization

The program includes 3 PlayBooks and 7 Training Webinars.
The NeuroMentor® Institute for Peak Performance Specialty-Certification Badge is awarded after successful completion of all program requirements. 

Approved for ICF certification of 34 CCE hours

David Krueger, MD

David Krueger, MD

CEO, MentorPath®

David Krueger, MD, Executive Mentor Coach, has uniquely integrated the mind and brain sciences with strategic coaching to help performing and practicing professionals achieve and sustain peak performance.  Clients learn how to apply human dynamics, psychology and neuroscience to create essential transformations of their life, money, career, relationship and wellness stories that will make a difference for the rest of their lives.

MentorPath® is a proven system created by David Krueger, MD for measurable improvements of productivity and performance.  Products and services are designed for your success and honed over three decades to help executives and professionals create strategies to master changes of mind, brain and behavior to make changes that last.

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Dave’s Story  |  Dave’s Philosophy  |  Dave’s Professional Path

The Art and Neuroscience of Success Strategies: Mind Over Matters

Latest from the MentorPath® Blog

Performance Science Meets Intuition

David Krueger MD The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Albert Einstein I experienced a particular kind of energy being in the room at Chateau du...

What Do You Expect? On Neuroscience and Coronavirus

David Krueger MD Every time we experience something and don’t encounter a negative outcome, we get the wrong impression that it’s safer than we thought it was. Dan Ariely Many years ago, when I was coaching a weekend basketball team, one of the guys I’ll call Pete had...

Coronavirus Omission Bias

David Krueger MD In a fairly well-known psychological experiment, subjects were asked the following question: “Imagine that there had been several epidemics of a certain kind of flu that everyone contracts that can be fatal to children 3 years of age or younger....

The Negative Wealth Effect Revisited

David Krueger MD I was talking with the owner of one of our favorite antique stores in an area close to our weekend ranch. He said, “People are just not spending money.” The downtown area of the little town was somewhat dead, and the nursery we frequently visit had...

The Limits of a Single Story

David Krueger MD The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete.  They make one story become the only story. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie recently spoke at a university about her book.  A student told...

Success Strategy & Continuing Education Products

Your New Money Story®: ROADMAP for Money Mastery

Available as 5 CDs plus workbook; digital recordings; online retreat
Guides understanding of the surface and shadow stories of your relationship with money

Roadmap for a New Wellness Story®: 7 Steps to Enhance Health & Longevity

Available as 5 CDs plus workbook; digital recordings; online retreat
Integrates current research in psychology, quantum physics, neuroscience and healthcare with strategic coaching to guide systematic change for health and longevity

NeuroMentor™ Expert Mentor Series

Available as monthly digital recording
45-minute presentation and interview with internationally known authors, researchers, practitioners, and marketing experts who discuss subjects directly applicable to optimum performance, mind and brain sciences, business acumen, and personal and/or professional success

Mind & Brain Neuromastery: The Art & Neuroscience of Success Strategies

Available as 5 mp3 digital recordings
Outlines brain-based strategies offering powerful ways to help you understand your stories—money, wellness, mindset, transition, persuasion—and guide you in ways to craft more powerful stories

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