Executive & Employee Continuing Education

The Art & Science of Success Strategies: Mind Over Matters

by David Krueger, MD

The Art and Neuroscience of Success Strategies
5 Seminars on Change, Money, Wellness, Mindset, and Neuromarketing

MentorPath® programs can be tailored for your organization.


  • Strategic Planning Facilitation for Executives and Boards of Directors
  • Internal Mentoring Program for Organizations
  • Customized Teleseminars/Live Training with CDs and White-Labeled Workbooks on Money Mastery; New Money Story®; New Wellness Story®
  • Customized New Money Story® Mentor Training for Financial Professionals
  • White-Label Materials and Seminars on:
    • Influence, Persuasion and Neuromarketing: Proven Strategies for Professional Success
    • Mentoring Change and Transition: The Neuroscience of Navigating Optimum Performance
    • Massive Success Strategies: Influence Psychology, Persuasion Science and Neuromarketing
    • Successful Navigation of Change and Transition: Mind, Brain and Behavior Strategies
    • Optimizing Performance: Mastering States of Mind for Enhances Success

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