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The years teach much that the days never know.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Coronavirus Omission Bias

David Krueger MD In a fairly well-known psychological experiment, subjects were asked the following question: “Imagine that there had been several epidemics of a certain kind of flu that everyone contracts that can be fatal to children 3 years of age or younger....

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The Negative Wealth Effect Revisited

David Krueger MD I was talking with the owner of one of our favorite antique stores in an area close to our weekend ranch. He said, “People are just not spending money.” The downtown area of the little town was somewhat dead, and the nursery we frequently visit had...

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Obstacles: The Shadow Story of Desire

The way to solve the problem you see in life is to live in a way that makes the problem disappear.—Ludwig Wittgenstein, Culture and Value David Krueger MD Some time ago I saw a cartoon sequence of a dog straining at its leash, barking ferociously at a cat,...

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The Boomerang Effect and Neuromarketing

Facts are stubborn things, but our minds are even more stubbornJohn Adams David Krueger MD Facts and logic are not powerful tools to alter opinions.  Data is not a way to change minds.  It’s not how we decide.  Our minds do not follow the facts, but follow...

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