A Self-Guided Online-Retreat with David Krueger MD

Who should take this course? Consider these questions…

Do you have one of these challenges in your relationship with money:

  • Trade any of these priceless things for money: health, freedom, family, or happiness
  • Use money as a stand-in for worth, esteem, love, or validation
  • Use money to regulate self-esteem or manage emotions
  • Consistently create obstacles to sound money judgment
  • Have secrets and shame around debt, or an unmanageable debt story
  • Make bad money decisions when emotional, stressed, or uninformed
  • Have trouble making a money plan or sticking to your plan
  • Make significant money but can’t seem to keep it
  • Do not systematically save for retirement
  • Write two money stories simultaneously. For example, the surface story: I want to accumulate wealth; the shadow story: I don’t think I have what it takes.

Do you engage in any of these money symptoms:

  • Competitive, conspicuous, compulsive, or revenge spending
  • Compulsive shopping or impulsive buying
  • Compulsive refusal to spend
  • Fear of investing or other financial phobias
  • Compulsive gambling or risk-taking
  • Addiction to money acquisition
  • Work or money compulsion
  • Keep some of your spending or debt a secret from your partner


Your money story is complicated because some important aspects are emotional, unspoken, even unconscious.

Do you have any of these assumptions about money:

  • Monetary worth equals self-worth
  • Money will bring me happiness
  • People who have significant money are lucky
  • Truly spiritual people don’t have money or wealth
  • I’ll never accumulate substantial wealth
  • People who have a lot of money are different than me

Or have any of these persistent feelings about money:

  • Feel ashamed or frustrated because of your financial situation
  • Know there is more to life, but don’t know how to grasp or create it
  • Feel that there is something missing in your life that you want to fill with money
  • Feel hopeless about being free from a preoccupation about money and finances
  • Worry about money and finances more often than you’d like


  • Decipher the secret language encrypted in money
  • Move from fear of money to mastery
  • Identify the self-statements made with money behaviors
  • Recognize money behaviors ghostwritten by your mind’s hidden assumptions
  • Overcome your brain’s patterned responses that lead to bad decisions
  • Develop the art and science of money strategies
  • Identify and remedy 27 emotionally-based money mistakes and financial fallacies

In this Self-Guided Online Retreat, you will have a unique opportunity to study with and be mentored in the comfort of your home or office. Transform your relationship with money and revise your money story in ways you never thought possible. You can overcome money mistakes and shatter your glass ceiling of money limitation by developing success strategies for financial empowerment.

Learn directly how you can turn your compromised relationship with money into one of freedom and abundance. Your relationship with money is the pathway to freedom. The Your New Money Story® Self-Guided Online Retreat is a guide for your money story as well as your life story.

For a period of five weeks, Dave presents 5 seminars and accompanying Workbook to guide you to understand your relationship with money and change your relationship with money. The seminars, exercises, and work pages apply mind and brain sciences to navigate a journey of transformation of your money story.

Your New Money Story® Workbook of annotated exercises including the ROADMAP System (acronym for the 7 step program) will inform your choices, map new possibilities, and guide strategic changes of mind, brain, and behavior.

The five Online Retreat audios you will receive for each of the next five weeks to mentor your journey of transformation:

Seminar 1

Money Story

Seminar 2

Money Meanings

Seminar 3

New Code

Seminar 4

New Software


Seminar 5

for Wealth

Just five short weeks to learn the art and science of change and success to transform your relationship with money.

When you register, you will receive:

  • An immediate download of the entire Your New Money Story® Workbook
  • An Outline of the 5 audio seminars
  • Audio Program for Seminar 1
  • Each subsequent Audio Program on a weekly basis—online or downloadable

How much does it cost for the Your New Money Story® Self-Guided Online Retreat?

Was $117 – Now Only $97

You can register using your credit card or PayPal by clicking on the button below. Money-back guarantee.

Bonus for Registrants:

Free download of the book by David Krueger MD,

Our Money Stories: The Neuroscience of Good and Bad Decisions

About David Krueger MD

David Krueger, M.D. is an Executive Mentor Coach, and CEO of MentorPath, an executive coaching, training, publishing, and wellness firm. His approach integrates the insights of psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, and strategic coaching to help professionals and executives write the next chapter of their life or business stories.

He works with practicing professionals (financial, healthcare), performance professionals (pro athletes and actors), and executives in high-risk, high-reward situations to develop the art and science of informed success strategies.

His clients have included CEOs of multinational corporations, business owners, best-selling authors, professional athletes and actors. He has served on private and corporate boards, founded and served as CEO of two healthcare corporations.

Dave is a Mentor/Trainer Coach and Dean of Curriculum for Coach Training Alliance. Founder and Director of his own Licensed, Specialty-Certified NewLifeStory®Coaches, and NewMoneyStory® MentorTraining, he has trained professionals worldwide.

Dave has published 24 books and seventy-five papers and book chapters on success, money, wellness, and self-development, including the Business Bestseller, The Secret Language of Money (McGraw Hill), translated into 10 languages.  He has been quoted in Money, Fortune, Forbes, Town and Country, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, has written national feature columns, and was elected to the American Society of Journalists and Authors. His latest book releases are:

  • Engaging the Ineffable: Toward Mindfulness and Meaning (Paragon House)
  • Your New Money Story: The Beliefs, Behaviors, and Brain Science to Rewire for Wealth
    (Rowman & Littlefield, NewYork / London)

In his writing and teaching, he has introduced the field of study of Emotional  Economics®: the interactions of mind and brain impacting money behavior and financial decisions.



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