A Self-Guided Online-Retreat with David Krueger MD


Welcome to the first step to transform your relationship with money and revise your money story to create success in ways you never thought possible.


This Self-Guided Online Retreat consists of:

  • A comprehensive Workbook: Your New Money Story®: ROADMAP for Money Mastery

  • An Outline of the 5 seminars

  • A new recorded seminar each week for five weeks.


First, download the Seminar Outline and the Workbook:


Your New Money Story®: ROADMAP for Money Mastery

Seminar Outline


The Workbook provides tools and exercises to walk you through each step of the process.

The ROADMAP system (acronym for the 7-step system) will guide changes of mind, brain, and behavior. The seminars, exercises and work pages will inform your choices, map new possibilities, and navigate a journey of transformation.

My recommendation: Do the exercises in the Workbook prior to each corresponding seminar in order to best apply it to your relationship with money. Review after listening to the seminar to see how you might revise your money story.


I hope you enjoy and benefit from our collaboration in the next weeks.


Seminar 1. Your Money Story.

(right click here to download)

Seminar 2. Translate Money Meanings.

(right click here to download)

Seminar 3. Inscribe New Code.

Seminar 4. Write New Software.

Seminar 5. Rewire for Wealth


Keep an eye on your inbox for the link to the next seminar!