You’re writing a very personal story with its own history and language.  It’s highly visible to others, but often not to you.  It’s a story that you talk about every day; think about several times a day.  While remarkably simple, it is at the same time intricately complex.

This story has internal and external dialogues, a secret language, and encrypted messages.  It’s complicated because some important aspects are emotional, unspoken, even unconscious.

This story is the longest relationship you’ll have in your life.  Your parents discussed it before you arrived; it will continue as part of your legacy.

Even though it may be unexamined and elusive, you orient life decisions around it. 

This story ghostwrites every aspect of your life story.  From what you eat and drink, to what you plan and play; health, recreation, stress – even the water you drink – are all impacted.

How you live this story will be what you teach your children.  And your colleagues and clients.

The villain or hero is the most popular legal substance to all peoples of the world.

It speaks to you.  You speak with it.  And your future self will be very reliant on how well your write this story.

It’s your money story.

Are you writing the story that you want and need?