The mind does not dwell entirely in the brain.
—Diane Ackerman, A Natural History of the Senses

When not blocked by emotional neglect, the Wise Self is essentially a state of mind of compassionate reflection and progressive mindfulness. Access to this state allows awareness of all other states of mind, a gift of pure, present reflection for future reference.

The Wise Self can be accessed and developed through mindfulness practices of self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-compassion through enhanced empathy with one’s self. The Wise Self embodies balance, wisdom, and resilience, even patience. Like a vision of success that one lives into, this Wise Self can house ultimate aspirations and serve as a guide. A mentor as well as beacon, it embodies internal ideals and external models. From this position of appreciative inquiry, one can shift focus among different states of mind throughout a day. States of mind can be recognized, assessed for authenticity and utility, and best fit for a particular task.

The Wise Self advocates a perspective of wisdom that transcends impulses, imperatives, and usual logic. The Wise Self can understand both desire and motivation, and can illuminate decisions in one’s best interest that align with the true self. The Wise Self has the deepest internal reference position possible, the antithesis of fitting into what others want, or the imperative of what one “should” do.

Questions can be posed to this Wise Self to then listen intuitively for answers. This ultimate mindfulness and empathic resonance with one’s self can become the highest order of reflective wisdom, of understanding complementarity and collaborative paradigms.

The Wise Self will even give direct messages and communicate reciprocally. Perhaps even give you her name.


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