1. You dishonor yourself if you let anyone ghostwrite any aspect of your story.
  2. “More” is not a goal, yet its elusive appeal contains hope and happiness.
  3. Grief unspoken will seek another language of the body or heart.
  4. Each moment we actively construct what we think, feel, believe, and experience.
  5. We suffer most from our anticipations, and limit ourselves most by our assumptions.
  6. The only people who seem perfect are the ones we really don’t know.
  7. Remember to not compare your inside with someone else’s outside.
  8. Assumptions and beliefs, like traumas, are ways of stopping time.
  9. We feel most like a child at the very moment we realize we are no longer one.
  10. The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to yourself.
  11. Our true purpose begins when we recognize that everything we do matters.
  12. When you’re addicted to something, the hardest thing to do is nothing.
  13. Your body is the projection of your mind’s software; to change your body, you have to revise the software—your body image.
  14. Our experiences are always consistent with our theories.
  15. Sometimes not getting what you want is exactly what you need.
  16. It is the process of looking to someone or something else to fill what is missing that creates something missing.
  17. Unless you are free to say “no,” “yes” has no meaning.
  18. If someone else chooses your boundaries, they become restrictions; if you choose them yourself, they become principles.
  19. Anticipating an experience can create it.
  20. One is never more aware of what was missed in the past than when creating it in the present.
  21. Wisdom relinquishes all hope of a better past.
  22. What you decide to accept undergoes a change.
  23. To argue is to ask for permission or cooperation to maintain your point of view.
  24. Everything is OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.