1. What remains unconscious will be attributed to fate.
  2. The most important problems cannot be solved—they have to be outgrown.
  3. Your life is a self-statement, the manifestation of what exists inside you.
  4. If you find yourself denying change, it has already occurred.
  5. Knowing the answer precedes, and often makes possible, the question.
  6. Our beliefs are the software that write our behaviors.      
  7. What you seek is camouflaged in what you fear.
  8. Unmet needs show up as symbolic wants.
  9. You don’t get what you want—you get what you focus on and expect.
  10. You can get sick if you don’t have enough of a need; you can get sick if you have too much of a want.
  11. An obstacle is the unconscious mnemonic of desire.
  12. When you’re ready to consider that you create the obstacle, you’re ready to consider the possibility of not creating it.
  13. To know to ask is half the answer.
  14. Growth and change are hard; the only thing harder is not growing or changing.
  15. Judgment resides in the potential space between urge and action.
  16. Both conformity and opposition occupy the same prison.      
  17. You’ll never do anything important that will feel comfortable in the beginning.
  18. The truth will set you free…but first it’s likely to make you miserable.
  19. Only by remembering can you truly forget; we use memories in order to forget.
  20. Every step forward means relinquishing a past position.
  21. To get what you’ve never had, you’ll probably have to do what you’ve never done.
  22. Beliefs drive behaviors. Behaviors drive performance.
  23. Old stories need to be mourned, and with them, the self left behind.
  24. You have to have a new story to be in before you can completely give up an old one.