Success Stories

David Krueger, M.D., a former Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst with many useful books to his name, has a relaxed, comforting, and nurturing style. His emotional intelligence and skilled communication are a role model. He is a superior Mentor Coach.
– Dr. F. L. Gold

After thirteen years of post-secondary education and three degrees, I can truly say I have never had a professor I admire more. Dave has called me to become more than I knew I could be and to serve in wider realms than I imagined possible. If you have an opportunity to work with this man, I encourage you to consider yourself truly blessed.
– Walli Carranza RN, PhD, CLNC – COO: The SUMMIT Medical Legal Group

I have just finished reading a book about the practice of meditation by Buddhist monks. One thing that struck me was the statement that meditation on that level cannot be learned by reading. You must have a teacher.

Dave Krueger brought so much experience and wisdom that it was transformational for me. I was truly impressed with the insight and passion he brings to his work.

It has been said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” When you are ready, I know you will find an outstanding teacher, mentor, and coach in Dave.
– John Chancellor, CPA

I have the experience of twenty-five years as the primary stock holder, CEO, or Chairperson of the Board of four international petroleum marketing corporations.

Dave practices a revolutionary methodology of Coaching/Mentoring to enable clients to create and live their own satisfying stories. His lifelong knowledge as Psychoanalyst turned Mentor underlies his gut knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.
– Susan Farrell Goodman

Dr. David Krueger is a life changing, empowering, and brilliant mentor. He is worth his weight in gold. Under his guidance my practice, website, and personal life are flourishing.
– Jacquelyn Ekern, MS : Founder and CEO, Eating Disorder Hope, LLC

Dave Krueger’s powerful intuitive abilities gave me the courage to trust myself.
– Miriam Vella, Ph.D., CLC

Dave is a warm, empathetic person who allows his client to feel free to speak and experience fully. He is totally committed to the client’s success and will not give up on even the toughest challenges as a coach.
– Eva Jager PhD : Sami Shamoon College of Engineering (R.A.)
Ashdod, Israel

I never could have imagined the wealth of useful information I would get through my work with Dave. He taught me to understand the nuances of coaching professionals and showed me how to apply what I learned to build a thriving practice.
– Katie Jay, CLC : Director, National Association for Weight Loss Surgery

The shift Dave has been able to create in a very gentle, humble way is remarkable. His wisdom, compassion, and insight set him apart as extraordinary.
– Dr. Susan Darish DC

I was fortunate to have Dave as my Mentor. His professional approach and ongoing support were invaluable. If you have any opportunity to learn from him, consider it time extremely well invested.
– Sue Kelly BSc Hons Psychol, MSc, PgDHP, PCC

Dave’s guidance and wonderfully warm demeanor, as well as knowledge and expertise are enlightening. Reflecting back on my undergraduate, graduate, and work experiences, I can’t recall any endeavor that provided all of that.
– Mary DeMaranville MA

Dave’s wealth of knowledge continues to astound and inspire me.
– Gale Tan, CLC : Hong Kong

Dave’s art of coaching is a beautiful melding of skill and expertise with intuition and wisdom.
– Pam Alberts, BA, CLC : Director, The Massage Center

Dave illustrated a way to establish a new chapter in my professional life without having to delete the chapters that came before.
– Dr. Mark Stibich