ROADMAP FOR A NEW WELLNESS STORY® Online Retreat Playback (5)

your new wellness story

Your New Wellness Story

Five MP3s recorded by David Krueger MD to accompany the Workbook to mentor your journey of transformation:

Seminar 1 – Your Wellness Story

Seminar 2 – Create a Wellness Mindset

Seminar 3 – Inscribe New Code

Seminar 4 – Write New Software

Seminar 5 – Rewire for Wellness


Roadmap For A New Wellness Story® Workbook of annotated exercises includes the ROADMAP® Program to inform your choices, map new possibilities, and guide strategic changes. ROADMAP® is the acronym for the 7 steps to reprogram mind software and rewire brain hardware for wellness.

A New Life Story® Program from MentorPath® Publications