NLS Wellness Online Training Backstory


Dear Colleague,

From practicing and teaching Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis for over two decades as a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine, I came to appreciate the power of the mind and the place of our brain in the stories we construct.  In the last decade as an Executive Mentor Coach, my work has been to integrate neuroscience, psychology, healthcare principles, and quantum physics with strategic coaching to help people become experts at change and their own best choice architect to write a new life and wellness story.

In training and mentoring by now several hundred Professional Coaches, I hear one challenge most consistently:  the need for a philosophy of coaching—an organizing overview of development and personal change.  A system.  

A second challenge is how to mentor that change from a mind and brain perspective.  Part of the struggle to embrace change – personal and individual, or large and corporate – is that many methods to facilitate change are contrary to how the mind and brain work.  Such methods are really obstacles.  Both human dynamics and neuroscience have a lot to teach us about change and resistance to change.

New Life Story® Wellness Coach Training is a complete coaching system with a comprehensive curriculum and client workbook with 68 proprietary tools licensed to you.

Some features for New Life Story® Wellness Coaches:

  • Learn a guided master plan to write new wellness, life, money, relationship, and career stories with clients.
  • Apply new research in neuroscience, healthcare, and psychology with strategic coaching to implement changes.
  • Discover the powerful impact of regulating states of mind for wellness and success.
  • Master and become licensed in a practice-enhancing coaching system that teaches you to author changes of belief, behavior, and performance.

Graduates will be licensed to use the New Life Story® Workbook with clients, the ROADMAP program for change, and all proprietary products.  A Registry of New Life Story® Wellness Coaches will serve as a referral network for individual and corporate coaching.  Marketing material and a 28-week coaching protocol to potentially use with clients are included.

I will conduct 12 training sessions of 75 minutes each, with presentations of new material, case studies, and marketing applications for this coaching system.  The seminars are recorded for playback for schedule problems. The training seminars are limited to 12 participants.

The present economic situation introduces an unusual opportunity for coaches to bring value by mentoring effective life change and wellness skills.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Warm regards,

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