NLS Wellness Coaches Training for Registered Nurses

Attention Registered Nurses

Become Licensed and Specialty-Certified as a

New Life Story® Wellness Coach

Transform Lives With This Uniquely Designed Coaching System For Busy Nurses Who Want To Take Their Expert Knowledge and Experiences to a New Level

New Life Story ® Wellness Coaches Training is a licensed, specialty-certified program for Registered Nurses who want to add a significant dimension of scope and mastery to their profession. This unique and effective system blends the insights of psychology, dynamic neuroscience, and the principles of strategic coaching to mentor clients’ new life and wellness stories. Who better to be a Wellness coach than an RN?

The curriculum, Live A New Life Story ® The Owners Guide, includes the ROADMAP Program (a seven-step template for change) and modules that guide successful life, money, career, relationship, wellness, and mindset story changes. At the center of the curriculum is the Workbook with 68 proprietary tools and exercises licensed for the New Life Story ® Wellness Coach to use in practice with clients.

The Table of Contents for the curriculum is at:


Upon completion of your training you will be able in your New Life Story Wellness Coaching Practice to:

  • Transform life stories using the trademarked New Life Story ® ROADMAP Protocol, a 7-step template for change
  • Implement a proven, successful system for extended coaching engagements of 28-sessions and longer
  • Mentor clients in the art and science of dynamic success strategies: Mind Over Matters.
  • Learn a guided master plan with strategic action steps to write the next chapters of a life or business story.
  • Apply new research from psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, and healthcare to implement changes of belief, behavior, and performance.
  • Discover the powerful impact of understanding and regulating states of mind, and how to access states of mind for optimum success.

  • Integrate new coaching techniques with your expertise as a nursing professional to uncover the common yet elusive challenges and obstacles to achievement.

How It Works
Creating new experiences changes neuronal pathways and networks in the brain. It even alters neurotransmitters and gene expression. In plain language, when we change our minds, we change our brains. Both developmental psychology and neuroscience validate the power of a new story.

How It Works for You
You are licensed to use the New Life Story
® Wellness Coaching Program and intellectual property with individual clients, as well as for groups, workshops, and seminars on numerous topics including: New Money Story ® , New Relationship Story, New Career Story, New Wellness Story, Mastering States of Mind, and Evolving New Mindsets.

The curriculum, Live a New Life Story ® The Owner’s Guide is a 305-page manual incorporating the companion New Life Story® Workbook with 68 tools and exercises licensed to you. The New Life Story® Workbook as well as the New Wellness Story Workbook can be both co-branded with your printed name and contact information.

How It Works for Your Clients
Ten Modules address how to transform their life and wellness stories.
Live a New Life Story
® modules can be used in sequence, separately, or in combination. You determine the scope and sequence for using this system in a way that best suits your client.

New Life Story® Wellness Coaches Training teaches you to help clients:

  • Recognize and accept story ownership
  • Examine explicit and implicit storylines
  • Assess what to change
  • Masterfully guide change
  • Create new experiences
  • Evolve new identity to sustain the new story

Your Training
A convenient weekly Teleseminar format delivers the fundamental skills you need to help your clients
evolve new mindsets to write a new life and wellness story. 12-week certification training provides you with the tools and understanding for successfully implementing the New Life Story
® Wellness Coaching system. These are the seminars:

1. The Power of Story

7. Advancing the Plot

2. Assessing and Owning Your Story

8. Your New Money Story®

3. Deciding What to Change

9. Your New Career Story

4. Mapping Changes

10. Your New Relationship Story

5. Authoring New Experiences

11.Your New Success Story

6. Mastering States of Mind

12. Your New Wellness Story

Live a New Life Story® integrates the dynamic insights of psychology and neuroscience with the principles of strategic coaching and life fulfillment. No other coaching system reaches to this depth of wisdom or rises to this level of sophistication.

Your Expert Guides
David Krueger, M.D. is an Executive Mentor Coach, and CEO of MentorPath, an executive coaching, publishing, and wellness firm. His approach integrates the insights of psychology, neuroscience, and professional coaching to help professionals and executives write the next chapter of their business stories. Author of sixteen trade and professional books on success, wellness, money, and self-development, and seventy-five scientific papers, his coaching and writing focus on the art and science of success strategies: mind over matters.

His latest book, The Secret Language of Money (McGraw Hill) is a Business Bestseller and has been translated into 9 languages.

Faculty and Dean of Curriculum for Coach Training Alliance, he formerly practiced and taught Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis and was Clinical Professor of Psychiatry. He was listed in The Best Doctors in America (Woodward/White, Inc. Publishers) annually from 1996-2002, and was listed in America’s Top Psychiatrists (Consumer Research Council of America, Washington DC).


Tina Lanciault, RN is a practicing Registered Nurse with over two decades of experience in Oncology and Home Care. She is Founder of Small Business Nurse blog, now helping nurses start their own nursing businesses.


When you complete your training and certification as a New Life Story® Wellness Coach you are adept at applying the exercises and working the tools that systematically guide action steps for change and possibility.

Live a New Life Story® methods, workbook, assessment tools, guides, self-quizzes, and logo are licensed for use by you, the Certified New Life Story Wellness Coach.

You stay connected with updates and group consultation with Live a New Life Story® creator David Krueger MD. You are part of the team and have the opportunity to participate in the Quarterly Mentor Groups with David Krueger MD and Tina Lanciault, RN for information, updates, support, and marketing.

New Life Story® Wellness

Coaching System, Training and Certification

For Registered Nurses

  • Weekly 75-minute Teleseminars conducted by system creator and developer, David Krueger MD; co-presented with Tina Lanciault, RN
  • Live a New Life Story®: The Owner’s Guide – A 305-page comprehensive curriculum manual that incorporates:
  • Ten Modules of proven principles, methods, and techniques along with actual real-life case studies and practical applications
  • 68 New Life Story® Proprietary Tools exclusively licensed to the certified New Life Story Coach
  • Live a New Life Story® Workbook: 136-page guide with tools, exercises, and quizzes for your clients with suggested use and timing
  • Live a New Life Story® ROADMAP Protocol, a 7-step template for defining the scope and sequence of a client’s journey
  • New Life Story® Glossary defines, clarifies and illuminates core concepts and guiding principles
  • Live a New Life Story® brochures and marketing materials promotes you to your new clients and prospects.

Partner Program The Live a New Life Story® Workbook, New Wellness Story Workbook, and all New Life Story® Coaching tools are available for use by course participants, as well as individual and corporate clients with a generous Affiliate Partner Program.

Referral Network Registry of Certified New Life® Wellness Coaches who are licensed to use New Life Story® Workbook and products with clients serving as a referral network.

Ongoing Support Included in the program: Quarterly Teleseminar updates and group consultation with David Krueger MD and Tina Lanciault, RN

Class size limited to 14 participants, reserve you seat today!

New Life Story® Wellness Coach Training and Licensing

For Registered Nurses

Three equal payments of $644 for the 12-week intensive training.  This price includes the purchase of the curriculum, Live a New Life Story® The Owners Guide, the Workbook and supplementary materials.

Wednesdays September 22 – December 15, 2010
  6:00 PM Eastern

Twelve (12) 75-minute Sessions. Includes all training, marketing support, 
quarterly consultations and license to use
 all Live a New Life Story® proprietary 
materials and publications.

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