Your New Money Story® Mentor Training

Master the Art & Science of Financial Empowerment

by David Krueger, MD

NEW MONEY STORY® MENTOR TRAINING MANUAL: The Emotional Economics® of Money Mastery is a master system with concrete assessment and action steps for mentoring a New Money Story® interwoven with life, career, relationship, and wellness stories. Groundbreaking research in neuroscience, psychology, behavior economics, and quantum physics integrate with strategic coaching to catalyze behavioral change, rewrite mind software, and rewire brain hardware.

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His book, The Secret Language of Money (McGraw Hill), is a Business Bestseller and translated into 10 languages. The sequel Your New Money Story: The Beliefs, Behaviors, and Brain Science to Rewire for Wealth  Rowman and Littlefield (New York / London) was just released.

NEW MONEY STORY® CLIENT WORKBOOK guides clients to understand money relationships and change money stories. This step-wise manual with 104 proprietary tools of exercises and work pages informs choices, maps new possibilities, and navigates a journey of transformation. The ROADMAP system is a seven-step process to address changes of behavior, mind, and brain.

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This coach-specific training program teaches the Core Competencies of the International Coach Federation and may be applied toward certification through the ICF Portfolio Track.

This course is approved for 15 Total ICF CCEU Hours, 9 CCEU hours relating to ICF Core Competencies, and 6 CCEU hours relating to Other Skills & Tools.


New Money Story® Mentor Training is a comprehensive, online “Licensed and Specialty-Certified Program” that trains professionals to recognize and mentor a New Money Story® and master the art and science of financial empowerment.

As a licensed, specialty-certified New Money Story® Mentor, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Understand clients’ relationships with money and change their money stories
  • Learn the art and science of mentoring change of mind, brain and behavior
  • Overcome money mistakes and financial fallacies
  • Develop success strategies and paradigms for financial empowerment
  • Master states of mind to regulate access for optimum success
  • Integrate successful money stories with careers of purpose and passion
  • Develop financial wellness strategies that incorporate mind, body and spirit
  • Master the mentoring process as a choice architect and hope engineer

The principles in this training incorporate Dr. Krueger’s research and writing in Emotional Economics®, the study of the interactions of mind and brain on money behavior and financial decisions.

This Specialty-Certification is ideal for business coaches and for financial professionals. The curriculum includes specific modules dedicated to Mentor Coaching of couples, wellness, career transition, and retirement, which are excellent resources for relationship, wellness, career and transition coaches.

About the Training Seminars

David Krueger, M.D. presents twelve 45-minute recorded seminars, including case studies and discussion to address the New Money Story® system of change, reinvention and success.

  • Access brain tools for more effective mentoring
  • Address key ingredients of rapport and personal chemistry
  • Learn the mind/brain recipe for optimum performance.
  • Acquire mind and brain tools to develop self-awareness, mindfulness, and optimal performance
  • Learn a guided master plan with strategic action steps to write the next chapters of life and money stories

Diplomats of this training will be licensed to use the proprietary material, co-brand the Client Workbook and be included in the New Money Story® Mentor Registry referral network. Ongoing quarterly Mentor Groups provide support, updates and collaboration. The seminar series is recorded for permanent mp3 download and online replay.

Your Expert Guide

David Krueger, MD is an Executive Mentor Coach and is CEO of MentorPath®, an executive coaching, training, publishing, and wellness firm. He guides practicing and performing professionals to achieve and sustain peak performance. Dr. Krueger integrates a vast expanse of knowledge into his training, drawing from his prolific career as:

  • Author of 24 trade and professional books on success, wellness, money, and self-development, and 75 scientific papers
  • Founder and Director of the Licensed, Specialty-Certified New Money Story® Mentor Training
  • Founder and Director of the NeuroMentor® Institute for Peak Performance
  • Dean of Curriculum for Coach Training Alliance
  • Trainer of professionals worldwide, working with executives of Fortune 500 companies and developing internal mentor programs for organizations
  • Advisory Board and Contributing Faculty at Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston
  • Top Executive Mentor Coach of the Year for 2021, named by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, granted by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)
  • Former Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis practitioner and instructor
  • Former Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine

    — Invest in financial wellness today —
    New Money Story® Mentor ONLINE TRAINING

    Licensed, Specialty-Certified Training and Curriculum now offered with the 12 seminars as online playback and mp3 download. Curriculum and all materials are included.

    • Curriculum: New Money Story® Mentor Training Manual: The Emotional Economics® of Money Mastery. 
    • New Money Story® Client Workbook
    • 12 Recorded Seminars presented by David Krueger, M.D. for online playback or mp3 download

    This training is self-paced; completion of training is expected within 90 days.

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    Neuroscience. Energy Psychology. Spirituality. Quantum Physics. Bloom’s Taxonomy. What’s that got to do with Personal Finance? They’re brilliantly blended into Your New Money Story®. It is a catalyst for a redesigned life because money is everyone’s lifelong companion. Dave Krueger as guide with his systemized approach translates the secret language of money into a clear roadmap that anyone can understand and follow. He shows how subtle changes and simple actions can lead to money breakthroughs. It made me think, “Why didn’t I see this before??”

    PJ Gunter, MS, AFC®

    Financial Wellbeing Practitioner

    Dave Krueger is an exceptional Mentor Coach.  He teaches how to surpass goals by co-creating focused measurable steps in a ROADMAP System to maximize confident performance.

    William Gammon

    Gammon and Associates

    Using concrete systematic strategies, this powerful, inspirational seminar series is like having your own personal money coach to guide you to a positive relationship with your money.

    Karen McCall

    Founder Financial Recovery Institute

    In my New Money Story® Mentor Training with every client I coach, and it helps them see not only their business, but their personal finances in a completely different way.  What is more important is they really understand their Why and the choices they are making and how those choices can add or detract from their financial goals.  Taking part in the New Money Story® Mentor Training was the best decision I have made for both myself and my business.

    Lynda Moore

    MoneyMentalist, Auckland, New Zealand

    With insight and clarity, it redirected my whole life story, as well as money story.

    Marilyn L. Blackston, M.D.

    Certified New Life Story® Wellness Coach

    This richly detailed, excellent seminar based on cognitive, psychodynamic and neuroscientific knowledge provides organized, practical suggestions for taking hold of money issues.

    Judith Schweiger Levy, PhD

    Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Life Coach

    An enlightening, informative, and well-structured way to understand and rewrite your money story. It will work wonders for you if you simply follow the program.

    John Chancellor, CPA, CLC

    Strategic Growth Mentors

    Dr. Krueger has a system to help you understand and reframe your thoughts to achieve success not only financially but in life.

    Lori Ross

    Retired Financial Advisor, Multinational Financial Firm

    In my role as a Financial Planner, I have found great value in the New Money Story® Mentor Training and apply these coaching skills daily in meetings with my clients. I firmly believe that your money and life cannot be separated, and it is very often your relationship with money that stands in the way of living a fulfilling and meaningful life. David’s programme has given me the tools to help my clients examine their beliefs and behaviour around money. With this process, it is possible to change the money behaviours that don’t serve them into ones that enable them to live their best lives.

    Kim Potgieter

    Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Solutions, Johannesburg, South Africa

    The seminar series was instrumental in me forming a more positive relationship with money. Insightful, rewarding and well structured.

    Ron Dolan, MBA, RPA

    CEO Pendulum Pathways Ltd - Australia