Save guilt for real sin.

— David Krueger, MD

My Philosophy

Our experiences are always consistent with our assumptions.
Stories are how we understand, how we remember. And how we learn. People perceive and remember what fits into their personal plot—an internal script of oneself and one’s world. Beliefs and assumptions (scripted by experiences) then dictate what you look for and how you attribute meaning. We find or create that which validates those beliefs, and ignore, mistrust, disbelieve—or more likely don’t notice—anything that doesn’t fit into that pattern.

Each moment we actively construct what we think, feel, and experience.
As adults we become the sole authors of our own life stories. Every day begins a fresh page. Our assumptions tell us what to look for, and how to perceive and process experiences. Yet so often the story closest to us, our own, is the most difficult to know.

The only thing more difficult than changing and growing is not doing it.
People repeat behavior, even that which doesn’t work, because it offers security and familiarity; predictability masquerades as effectiveness. When you move beyond a familiar pattern, you may experience uncertainty or anxiety—beyond a comfort zone. Repetition reinstates the security of the familiar, but sabotages invention and imprisons creativity.

When we write a new story, we change both our minds and brains.
Part of the answer to why we resist change—and how to facilitate it—is in our minds and part is in our brains. Change begins with the recognition that you are the author of your own story. Insight, understanding, and theory do not create change. The ultimate question is: Does it work?

The MentorPath® journey addresses transformation to a successful life or business story. The ROADMAP® system guides a seven step process of change to actively incorporate new dimensions of personal, career, relationship, and financial growth.

What do you want to change?

What do you want to create?

What business challenges are you facing now?

What keeps you from getting the results you want?

Are your needs and values aligned with your goals?

Frequently asked questions

“Treat a man as he is, and he will remain how he is; treat a man as he can, and should be, and he will become as he can and should be.”
– Goethe