Mentor Coaching Consultation Information


Mentor Coaching Consultation Information

Mentoring focuses on the client’s growth to develop insight and realize full potential. The Mentor Coach serves as a guide to enrich learning by sharing knowledge, wisdom, or experience.

“Mentors make us get more out of ourselves, and once we learn how good we really are, we never settle for anything less than our very best.” The Prometheus Foundation

Mentor Coaching can involve collaboration to:

  • Develop a career as an Executive or Life Professional Coach
  • Assess the plot of a life or business story to decide what to change, or to master inevitable changes
  • Evolve identity to sustain a new story
  • Enhance emotional intelligence
  • Negotiate significant transitions

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Change may be difficult, but it begins with the recognition that you are the author of your own story.

We daily make invisible decisions that become camouflaged in habits, our collection of repetitions. Coaching addresses transformation to effective and successful habits that translate to professional and personal growth.