Integrating Body Self And Psychological Self:

Creating A New Story In Psychotherapy And Psychoanalysis

Integrating Body Self And Psychological Self

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“David Krueger, building upon yet going beyond his previous work, BODY SELF AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SELF: A Developmental and Clinical Integration of the Self has, in his new book produced a tour de force! In this groundbreaking work, Krueger has mastered and integrated a vast literature and illustrated his major theoretical points with fascinating clinical vignettes and case history material.”
      – Richard B. Ulman, Ph.D., Author; Co-founder, Training and Supervising Analyst, The Training and Research Institute for Self Psychology

“Krueger masterfully maps the integration of body self and mind self by offering fresh perspectives from psychoanalytic theory and practice integrated with new neuroscience research. His work demonstrates how the psychological self becomes embodied and inextricably entwined with ego, the body ego, and lays bare the problems that can arise when this fusion of physical and psychological goes awry. Clearly thought out and beautifully written, Kruegers book takes aim the heart of the mind-body matter.”
      – Susan C. Vaughan, M.D., author of THE TALKING CURE: The Science Behind Psychotherapy, and HALF EMPTY AND HALF FULL: Understanding the Psychological Roots of Optimism. Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University