Healthcare Professionals Coaching Consultation Information


Healthcare Professionals Coaching Consultation Information

Healthcare professionals or executives encounter issues that require awareness of emotional intelligence, motivation, behavior, and how people succeed. Their navigation of these matters influences many people inside and outside a system.

Certain human needs are universal, and remain present throughout life: emotional connection, effectiveness, and intellectual stimulation. These needs have even more valence with increased demands, at times of change, and with stressful challenges. Professional Coaching addresses these needs with a new delivery system for mentorship, accountability, partnership, and co-creative work.

Professional Coaching relies on a unique body of information, methods, standards, and practices. Coaching assumes the role in personal enhancement and organizational transformation that psychotherapy and counseling occupy for many mental health conditions. The Professional Coach looks at possibility to strategize expansion of present and future success.

MentorPath® Healthcare Professionals Coaching and Teleseminars can help the dedicated healthcare professional or executive establish a powerful mission and strategies to work with purpose, passion, and profit.

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Professional Coaching includes an initial extended evaluation and weekly telephone sessions with supplemental e-mail, telephone, and fax communication. Arrangements may be made to focus Coaching on your writing, speaking, or other direct working observation venues.