What you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you say.  —Ralph Waldo Emerson


About the Executive Coaching Sessions

Executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals develop their success skills by learning more about themselves, human dynamics, and systems.

I will help you write the next chapter of your life or business story.  That next chapter can involve confidential collaboration to:

  • Handle critical situations
  • Maximize performance with matching emotional and financial rewards
  • Expand a career or business story
  • Articulate a powerful, personal vision that will inspire others
  • Work together during major transitions
  • Catalyze necessary change and reinvention
  • Expand emotional intelligence of people and systems
  • Understand and use Emotional Economics®
  • Expand both your leadership and performance

The coaching relationship is joint venture of establishing strategies to create and affect a plan with specific, realistic, measurable goals, and to navigate change for timely actualization.

Professional Coaching includes an initial extended evaluation and weekly telephone sessions with supplemental e-mail, telephone, and fax communication. Arrangements may be made to focus Coaching on your writing, speaking, or other direct working observation venues.