Art Wilson

Art Wilson began his career at IBM in 1969 in computer system sales and was one of the company’s top 10 sales representatives in the U.S. for five consecutive years. After 23 years in sales leadership and executive management roles, Art took an early retirement opportunity to become an independent consultant. In 1995, he founded Critical Path Strategies (CPS), a global, employee-based sales consulting firm. Art and the CPS team have consulted with more than 20,000 executives and sales professionals from over 300 Fortune 500 and emerging companies alike, specializing in improving selling organizations.

After 10 years of research and field work, Art and his partners published a well-respected management book, Building a Successful Selling Organization. In 2011, Art transitioned from his full-time partner role at CPS to that of an independent consultant. More about Art and Critical Path Strategies, Inc. can be found at