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The Art and Science of Success Strategies: Mind Over Matters.



MentorPath® is a unique system created by David Krueger, M.D. that is designed for your success, honed by over three decades of helping executives and professionals create strategies to master changes of mind, brain, and behavior to make changes that last.

  • Implement psychology and neuroscience research to change belief, behavior and performance
  • Break through your Glass Ceiling to achieve greater purpose, passion, and profits
  • Master states of mind to regulate optimum success
  • Demystify and defuse obstacles to achieve and sustain success
  • Acquire mind and brain tools to enhance self-awareness, mindfulness, and enhanced performance
  • Learn the choice architecture to create new money, leadership, and wellness stories

David Krueger, M.D., as an Executive Mentor Coach, has uniquely integrated psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics with strategic coaching as a proven system for measurable improvements in productivity and performance.   Clients learn how to apply human dynamics, psychology, and neuroscience to create essential transformations of their life, money, career, relationship, and wellness stories that will make a difference for the rest of their lives.  




The Art and Neuroscience of Success Strategies

5 Seminars on Change, Money, Wellness, Mindset, and Neuromarketing




Life Story

Cover Successful Life Story Transformations

Vignettes and case studies illuminate the hidden agendas, beliefs,
habits, and assumptions that ghostwrite limiting stories, along with the insight
and mutual work that generated a new story of hard work miracles. 

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Exploring New Territory to Write the
Next Chapter of Your Life or Business Story


Shatter Your Money Glass Ceiling: Rewrite Your Money Story


An Interview With David Krueger, MD, author of The Secret Language Of Money


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The Neuroeconomics of Time and Money

David Krueger MD

What you are, they once were.
What they are, you will be.
The inscription on the Crypt of the Capuchin Monks at the
Santa Marie della Concezione, a church at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome

Those few words capture how the past and future collapse upon the present.

Each of us shares a journey that we simultaneously embrace and deny, yet know that, inevitably, our time here is finite. We share an ultimate destiny that in the blink of cosmic eye, it will end uniquely, definitively. Time reminds us more to live passionately, less to prepare for death.

The paradox of time is the same as the paradox of money: our attitudes toward each have a profound impact on our lives.

Unlike money and things of value, we can neither possess nor accrue time. Once a moment has passed, it is gone forever. Time is our most valuable commodity. Yet we may give little thought to how we spend it.

Spending money is tangible. Spending time is intangible. We can save money, yet cannot save time. Time passes however we choose to spend it, whether or not we are subjectively and objectively aware of our choices.

Every moment of our lives, we spend our time. An economic principle of opportunity cost offers a perspective on time expenditure. If you spend $100 on Apple stock, you have opted to not invest that money in another company, to not otherwise spend or save it. What you choose to do costs the opportunity to do something else. This opportunity cost acknowledges that resources are finite, and that there is an "expense" associated with choosing one option over another.

The opportunity cost of our decisions about time is omnipresent. The choice may be simply the next best action: how to wisely spend our time. What we choose and how we invest time eclipses other possibilities of the use of that time. Unlike money, we can't make more time.

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