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David Krueger, MD

David Krueger, MD

CEO, MentorPath®

David Krueger, MD, Executive Mentor Coach, has uniquely integrated psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics and quantum physics with strategic coaching into a proven system for measurable improvements of productivity and performance. Clients learn how to apply human dynamics, psychology and neuroscience to create essential transformations of their life, money, career, relationship and wellness stories that will make a difference for the rest of their lives.

MentorPath® is a unique system created by David Krueger, MD that is designed for your success, honed over three decades of helping executives and professionals create strategies to master changes of mind, brain and behavior to make changes that last.

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The Art and Neuroscience of Success Strategies: Mind Over Matters

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The Missing Manual of Unwritten Laws: PART 2

You dishonor yourself if you let anyone ghostwrite any aspect of your story. “More” is not a goal, yet its elusive appeal contains hope and happiness. Grief unspoken will seek another language of the body or heart. Each moment we actively construct what we think,...
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The Missing Manual of Unwritten Laws: PART 1

What remains unconscious will be attributed to fate. The most important problems cannot be solved—they have to be outgrown. Your life is a self-statement, the manifestation of what exists inside you. If you find yourself denying change, it has already occurred....
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Empathic Derailment

No, Krueger, first you have to be with me before I can go someplace new with you. —A psychoanalytic patient many years ago accurately confronting me with moving too quickly into a dynamic interpretation before establishing empathic resonance to communicate...
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Empathy: The Bridge to Common Ground

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant? —Henry David Thoreau How can you recognize what never before has been considered? See what you don’t believe? Discover what you don’t even know to look for? Discern that...
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Money and the Shame/Self-Esteem Axis

Of all human emotions, the most painful, the hardest to tolerate is shame. Shame is the feeling that there is something wrong with us, that we are not only inadequate, but basically flawed. Shame can assume different intensities from embarrassment to humiliation. When...
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Success Strategy & Continuing Education Products

Your New Money Story®: ROADMAP for Money Mastery

Available as 5 CDs plus workbook; digital recordings; online retreat
Guides understanding of the surface and shadow stories of your relationship with money

Roadmap for a New Wellness Story®: 7 Steps to Enhance Health & Longevity

Available as 5 CDs plus workbook; digital recordings; online retreat
Integrates current research in psychology, quantum physics, neuroscience and healthcare with strategic coaching to guide systematic change for health and longevity

NeuroMentor™ Expert Mentor Series

Available as monthly digital recording
45-minute presentation and interview with internationally known authors, researchers, practitioners, and marketing experts who discuss subjects directly applicable to optimum performance, mind and brain sciences, business acumen, and personal and/or professional success

Mind & Brain Neuromastery: The Art & Neuroscience of Success Strategies

Available as 5 mp3 digital recordings
Outlines brain-based strategies offering powerful ways to help you understand your stories—money, wellness, mindset, transition, persuasion—and guide you in ways to craft more powerful stories

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