NeuroMentor® Institute for Peak Performance PlayBook Table of Contents

PLAYBOOK 1: Preparation for Coaches

Facilitating Communication with Players

  • The Question Launches the Story
  • Communication and Connection:  Maxims + Steps for Coaches
  • Learning and Performance Styles
  • Information Processing Systems
  • Patterns of New Learning:  4 Phases
  • Focus on the Right Thing

Coaching the Process of Change

  • Developing a Performance Growth Mindset in Players
  • Engagement and Motivation Strategies for Optimum Learning
  • Strategies to Deal with Change in Players
  • Evaluate and Address Resistance to Change
  • How to Mentor Change:  12 Principles
  • Fostering Psychological Safety and Trust
  • Shame/Blame vs. Growth/Transformation

Enhancing Player Performance

  • Confidence is a State of Mind
  • Confidence Priming Blueprint
  • Guiding Mindfulness Meditation for Peak Practice
  • The Top 21 Things a Coach Needs to Know

Team Development Practices

  • Fundamental Principles for Team Performance Enhancement
  • Player Alliance and Team Development
  • Performance Frameworks

PLAYBOOK 2: Practice with Coaches and Players

Learning Strategies to Develop Peak Performance

  • Steps of Transformative Learning
  • Team Interaction Factors Positively Impacting Optimal Learning
  • The Output Channel
  • A 5 Phase Performance Outline
  • Setting and Revising Performance Goals
  • A Systematic Method for Reviewing and Solving Problems
  • Learning Zone and Performance Zone
  • Avoiding Pitfalls to Peak Practice and Performance

Peak Performance Practice Strategies

  • Deliberate Practice: An Overview
  • Deliberate Practice: The System
  • Deliberate Practice: The Structure
  • Deliberate Practice: The Applications
  • Performance Cues
  • Performance Flow
  • Peak Performance Practice Summary

Neuroassociative Conditioning for Optimal Performance

  • Neural Conditioning Program
  • Unlearning and New Performance Learning
  • Performance Preparation and Assessment
  • 7 Techniques to Edit Your Performance Story
  • Compromises Inventory
  • Your Mind’s Eye: Visualizations and Affirmations
  • The 4 R’s:  Repeat and Rationalize vs. Recognize and Reorganize
  • Personal Feedback Questionnaire
  • 5 Steps to Revise a Performance Story
  • Performance Inhibitions and Success Insurance

Peak Performance Mindset

  • Mindset Mastery
  • Pressure Performance Strategies
  • Pressure Management Tools
  • ROADMAP States of Mind
  • ROADMAP System for Performing Under Pressure

Wellness Practices

  • The Wealth of Wellness
  • The Wellness System of Energy
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Brain Programming for Wellness
  • Special Issues of Success: For Women Only
  • Special Issues of Success: For Men Only

PLAYBOOK 3: Optimization for Players

Optimum Performance Strategies

  • Distinguish and Address Ideals
  • Distinguish and Address Needs
  • Distinguish Wants from Needs
  • Ideals and Needs Decision Tree
  • Review and Revise Performance Beliefs
  • Success Ideals for Players
  • Making Choices:  Inquiries for Enhancing Your Performance
  • 15 Caveats on Being Your Own Authority

Sustaining Players’ Peak Performance Under Pressure

  • An Exercise in Assessing Your Performance Behavior
  • Performance Enhancing Rituals
  • The Quiet Eye
  • A “To Do” and “To Don’t” List for Positive Focus
  • Using Self-Talk to Enhance Performance
  • Understanding Unforced Errors
  • A ROADMAP System for Unforced Errors

Sustaining Extreme Success

  • Exceptional Achievement and Overconfidence
  • Success Anticlimax
  • The Summit Syndrome

The Art and Neuroscience of Winning

  • Playing to Win vs. Playing Not to Lose
  • 32 Guidelines to Further a New Performance Story
  • Experts and Amateurs

The NeuroMentor® Institute for Peak Performance
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