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Roadmap for a New Wellness Story ®
7 Steps To Enhance Health And Longevity

workbookDo you want:
  • Healthier habits, but don't know how to maintain them?
  • Less stress?
  • Whole person health?
  • Lasting improvements in your mind and body?

Most strategies to facilitate lasting change for wellness fail because they are contrary to how the mind and brain work.

Intentions need a strategy and plan: a ROADMAP®

This wellness system integrates current research in psychology, quantum physics, neuroscience, and healthcare with strategic coaching to guide systematic change for health and longevity. The program mentors a mindset and practice of wellness using the ROADMAP® process to provide the applications for success.
  • Learn how to master-plan a specific, step-wise wellness program.
  • Apply strategies to make changes more quickly.
  • Use latest research from psychology and neuroscience to boost your efforts.
  • Break through obstacles to achieve lasting lifestyle change.
  • Have sustainable positive results directed to the whole person.
  • Apply exercises and work tools that systematically structure action steps for change.

Five CDs recorded by David Krueger MD to accompany the Workbook to mentor your journey of transformation:

Seminar 1 Your Wellness Story
Seminar 2 Create a Wellness Mindset
Seminar 3 Inscribe New Code
Seminar 4 Write New Software
Seminar 5 Rewire for Wellness

Roadmap For A New Wellness Story® Workbook of annotated exercises includes the ROADMAP® Program to inform your choices, map new possibilities, and guide strategic changes. ROADMAP® is the acronym for the 7 steps to reprogram mind software and rewire brain hardware for wellness.

A New Life Story® Program from MentorPath® Publications

5 Seminar CDs + Workbook

5 Seminar mp3s + pdf of Workbook

Workbook Only Options

Hardcopy PDF Version

Become Licensed and Specialty-Certified 
as a New Life Story® Wellness Coach
Mentor clients in the art and science of dynamic wellness success strategies:
Mind Over Matters Information and Registration: New Life Story® Wellness Coaches Training

The Wellness Coaches and companies in this Registry have been trained, Specialty-Certified, and Licensed to mentor clients as New Life Story® Wellness Coaches

Invaluable insight into how I can construct the life I want; it taught me the secret behind The Secret.
Written By
- Sherman Minter : Founder, The Principal's Office
Your unique material convinced me that individual change can be modeled; it helped me create phenomenally positive and desired changes.
Written By
- Robert L Monte, BA, LLB
A great insight into the journey of change and its management. The exercises are effective for self, and for clients grappling with the challenges of transitions in their lives.
Written By
- Jean Visca, CLC : Partner, Network ISG


Contact David KruegerMD at dkrueger@mentorpath.com for custom presentation to your group or corporation.

What They Say...

Words are not effective enough to express my appreciation for the step by step instruction on how to change one's life and wellness story.
- Marilyn L. Blackston, M.D.
I am utterly struck by the transformative power of the idea of story wedded with the law of attraction and neuroscience. This is a real gift that is accessible, applicable, and powerful
- Angela Croft, MSW, RSW
I experienced change within myself as a result of your very informative and well constructed material. I plan to help my colleagues and patients move forward to improve their performance.
- Phillipa Wilson RN, CTACC
Original, positive, inspiring and motivating.
- Penny Hooks MD : Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst
We needed this invaluable information fifteen years ago when we advanced into international business.
- Susan Goodman, Board Chair : Goodman Petroleum
I learned how to change my mind and my brain.
- Baxter Ekern : Sales Executive
Thank you for the missing piece to my puzzle connecting the mind, body and spirit.
- Nicole Potter


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